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We would like to thank our partner, KBS Constructors, for compiling the Building Commercially information.

Junction City, Geary County Building Code Information (not applicable for Grandview Plaza or Milford)

Junction City has made every effort to keep the process as simple as possible when it comes to applying for permits. See below for details and visit the Junction City, KS website for more information.

The City of Junction City has adopted the following codes:

  • 2012 International Building Code
  • 2012 International Residential Code
  • 2012 International Energy Conservation Code
  • 2012 International Existing Building Code
  • 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2012 International Plumbing Code
  • 2012 International Mechanical Code
  • 2012 International Property Maintenance Code
  • 2011 National Electrical Code
  • 2018 International Fire Code

Four sets of plans will need to be submitted to the code office. With these plans, a Plan Review Checklist will need to be submitted along with a Plan Review Fee. The plan review fee is calculated as 30% of the permit fee, a minimum of $500. The permit fees can be found here.

Once the plans are submitted to the code office, they are distributed to the required departments for review. These departments are Building & Codes, Fire Department, Public Works, Engineering, and Planning & Zoning.

The review time can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of the plans. These departments meet at the end of the review time to discuss any comments there may be with the submitted plans. If there are any comments a letter will be sent (usually emailed) to the submitter stating what the comments are. At that point, a response is required. If the response requires a new submittal, then the process starts over with the review time.

If the plans are approved as submitted, a letter will be sent (usually emailed) to the submitter stating this, and a permit may be applied for. 

When applying for a commercial permit, the General Contractor will need to be licensed appropriately and any electrical, plumbing and mechanical persons will need to be licensed as well.